Reviews Are Coming In For Lepus

It would seem that even when people don’t like the full movie of Death By VHS (formerly known as Scream Machine) they still like Lepus. Here are some links to the reviews –

Those are few of the ones I found so far. I can’t wait to show it in front of a crowd and see how it plays. We’ll keep you posted.



Spotlight On Bobcat Goldthwait

I know what you’re thinking – he’s a one note hack of a comedian and actor. With this blog entry I want to try and change that image of him.

First off, he is an incredibly funny comedian. If you don’t believe me find yourself a copy of “I Don’t Mean To Insult You But You Look Like…Bobcat Goldthwait.” When he talked about his experiences making the movie Blow, about finding grey pubic hair, and David Crosby’s semen I was laughing so hard I nearly blacked out. The man is very fast and funny.

As far as his movie choices are concerned he has lacked in that department. Sure, he was funny in the Police Academy movies but not enough to carry them. Luckily he only made three. He knew not to keep going. Hot To Trot was a big mess. John Candy as a talking horse, Virginia Madsen playing Goldthwait’s love interest? No thank you. Burglar was a weak movie where he was supporting Whoopie Goldberg. Then there was television. He did the voice of the stuffed bunny on Unhappily Ever After. The scenes with him and Geoff Pearson were usually the highlight of the show but it didn’t make it worth watching.

So his acting career was a bust. Thankfully that didn’t stop him. He started writing and directing. His first directorial effort was the little seen Shakes The Clown, starring Goldthwait, Adam Sandler, Julie Brown, Florence Henderson and Robin Williams. It was a very funny and very dark movie. After Shakes failed it took a while before he got back in the saddle. When he did it more television that he directed rather than movies. He did several episodes of The Man Show and Chappelle’s Show. He later went on to direct nearly 300 episodes of Jimmy Kimmell Live.

Never one to give up on directing movies he wrote and directed a dark yet sweet love story about a woman looking for love while hiding a secret about her college years where she experimented sexually with a dog. It sounds disgusting but it was a great little movie. It was called Sleeping Dogs Lie. Watch it. You won’t regret it. You can find it on Netflix. A few years later he wrote and directed his friend Robin Williams in a movie called World’s Greatest Dad. Goldthwait didn’t shy away from the darkness there either. Not only was is disturbing and funny but it actually made me cry. There was something very touching about that film.

Just recently he completed his latest movie – God Bless America, starring Joel Murray. In the film Murray discovers he’s dying and decides to make the world a better place by killing spoiled rich kids, rude people, and God only knows who else before he is gone. This one just showed up on Netflix. I am about to watch it. If it is half as good as World’s Greatest Dad I am going to love it.

Goldthwait may have taken a long time to find his place. Since he has he has knocked the ball out of the park repeatedly. Don’t count him out and definitely don’t judge him based on his weird voice. The man has something great to offer and it shows in his directed efforts.