We Need A New Iconic Horror Villain!

ImageGrowing up in the 1980’s was awesome. We had great movies genre movies coming out constantly like The Thing and Aliens. But one thing that really made genre movies so special in the 80’s was the glut of iconic horror villains we had to fear. From the 1970’s on through the hayday of the 80’s we had the likes of Leatherface, Freddy, Jason, Michael, Chucky, Pinhead and so many more. To a lesser extent you can include the Predator and the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise. These were characters we rooted for, feared and hated all at once. They were wiping out the sinners. They were sparing the pure while making them strong. This was something I still feel that churches should get behind. 


In most horror films from the 80’s you had a bunch of immoral types likes druggies, drinkers, fornicators and just all around undesirables, Then you had the heroine of the film – a girl filled with chastity and virtue. Who lived and who died? It’s pretty simple, really. The chaste girl always won out in the end. Why? Because she was pure of heart, mind and soul. This should be something the church recognizes and backs. They should want these films made and should show them in Sunday school. After all, most churches try to instill fear into their children to keep them on the straight and narrow. Catholics, I’m talking to you!


But I got away from my original point. We don’t have iconic villains being created anymore. At best we get inferior remakes of A Nightmare On Elm Street and Halloween. But where are the new guys? Ghostface Killer from Scream? He doesn’t quite fit the bill but he’s close. Jigsaw from Saw? He’s been dead since the third movie. But he’s also a little closer in theme. He did go after sinners, people not living life to their full potential and attempted to purify them. What about the invisible demon from Paranormal Activity? Nope. Although there is the family connection there as there was with so many horror films in the 80’s. Death in Final Destination? Again we never see him. And I always felt they should refer to him as Rube for the elaborate Rube Goldberg style traps we see in each kill. 


The closest thing we have to 70’s and 80’s style icon is Victor Crawley from Hatchet. He’s one bad mammajamma. But, sadly, the Hatchet films barely get a theatrical release. It’s as if Hollywood doesn’t think we want a new crop of evil baddies…unless they’re remake versions of the originals.



But here’s my question – is it Hollywood or is it us? What do we want to see? More of the same watered down PG-13 ghost stories, torture porn, or do we want a return to old school horror? I vote for old school. I hope I’m not the only one. I also hope it’s not because I was raised on them.   

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The Phoenix Film Festival

Hello everyone,

I have been awfully busy as of late. Between my podcasts, prepping for the premiere of Death By VHS, and trying to get my next short moving forward after some speed bumps slowed me down I have not had much time to blog. Sorry for that. But, if it’s any consolation, I do miss you.

Here’s what’s going on with me right now. Starting today I am going to be spending some time at the Phoenix Film Festival. We were able to score some press passes to the event thanks in part to the wonderful Andrea Beesly. This festival also includes the annual International Horror and SciFi Festival. This year they have Meg Foster coming by to screen They Live, the John Carpenter classic starring Roddy Piper. I’m hoping I get a chance to interview her for you all. If I do it will be up on the Abnormal Entertainment page soon.

Among other guests I am hoping to chat with are DB Sweeney, Teller, Natalie Imbruglia and one of the producers of the Saw franchise. I will try and update you as soon as I can on what we were able to score from our time at the fest.

Also, we are going to be at Phoenix Comicon next month, C4 (a first year comic convention in Ventura, California) in September and the Rapture Horror Expo in October in Tempe. If you are planning to come to any of those shows make sure you come by and say hello. We always love to meet people who listen to either The Gorram Nerd Hour or From The Underground.

The Devil’s Carnival Reviewed

Back when Repo! The Genetic Opera came out I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see it. Any movie with Paris Hilton makes me worried about quality. Sure it was fun to watch her die in the remake of House Of Wax but she has no talent. I watched Repo anyway on the strength of the rest of the cast and the director and I loved it. I know it’s one of those movies that divides audiences. You either love it or hate it. I think the same could be said for The Devil’s Carnival.

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, best known for Saw II-IV and Repo, this hour long film is another weird musical. It was written by Terrance Zdunich (sic), the man who created Repo. This time it’s about three people who all die for different reasons and go to Hell, which is represented here as a seriously twisted carnival. In it we see our three protagonists on their respective journeys in search of something. Sean Patrick Flannery is in search of his son, Brianna Evigan is in search of riches, and a third girl is in search of love.

Along the way we are treated to some wonderful scenery and some messed up songs. The cast is filled out by some other hold overs from Report such as Bill Mosley, Alexa Vega and Paul Sorvino playing God. Zdunich also makes an appearance as the Devil.

The film is filled with a lot of what can only be described as macabre yet beautiful images and a cast of characters that are both memorable, beautiful and off-putting all at once. I wish the film had more time to get into the story it was telling. It felt like the first act of a very interesting tale of a battle between Heaven and Hell. I hope they plan to make a sequel to it soon. I would love to see where they take a second installment.

The opening sequence is a nice eerie start. Then it gets a little shaky for a few minutes but stick with urn you’ll be glad you did. If not just remember it is only an hour long.

I’m going to have to grade on a scale here because it felt like they are setting this up to continue the story and I hate when movies think they’re guaranteed a sequel so they leave things with a cliffhanger ending. I’m going to try and forget about that part of it and just enjoy what I saw. 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.