Jessicka Rabid Reviewed

I watch a lot of bad movies. It comes with the territory. Part of The Gorram Nerd Hour each week is that we review a b-movie. most of them are films I have a deep affection for, like Night Of The Creeps. Other times I watch movies because I have made some sort of connection with the stars of the films and want to give them some press. That’s what happened here. Elske McCain lives in the city Tucson, a mere two hour drive from my home in Mesa, Arizona. I connected with her on Facebook and asked her about the film. She told me how I could find a copy and I set out to locate and watch it.

The movie starts out with a man driving. It’s a long, boring scene of him driving through the desert as the credits slowly appear and disappear from the screen. It went on far too long. Once the credits ended we see a man played by Trent Haaga get out of his truck, pop a beer, drink it down, pop another and drink it while talking to his neighbor about some boys trying to get into his backyard. We still know nothing about the story of the film at this point and we are ten minutes in.

Finally things start to happen when Haaga’s character, named Marley, goes into the garage where we see a dog and a woman, played by McCain, locked up in cages. He proceeds to feed them both dog food and then goes inside. This is where we meet his roommate, possibly cousin…the movie isn’t really clear on that. Marley tells the cousmate that he needs to go deal with Jessicka because she shit all over herself from being locked in the cage and he needs to hose her down. He refers to Jessicka as the cousmate’s cousin, so we know the relationship there. Well, cousmate goes and hoses down Jessicka and removes the shirt she’s wearing, gives her a clean one and forces her to give him oral sex. She never says a word, just acts like a dog the whole time. I’m still not sure what is going on and we’re now nearly twenty minutes into this thing.

Cousmate takes Jessicka to a porn shoot where she’s doped up and forced to have sex with a black man on camera. Next, cousmate’s sister arrives to stay with them at the house. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that they have a woman being treated like a dog in the house. Then cousmate, her brother, tries to rape his own sister. He gets kicked out. Marley goes away for some unknown reason leaving the girl home alone with Jessicka. The girl decides to rub peanut butter on her crotch and make Jessicka into her own personal sex pet. If she’s the sister of the cousmate and if the cousmate is the cousin of Jessicka then that means there is a lot of incest going on in this movie. Incest and rape.

At some point Jessicka gets bit by the dog in the house and gets rabies. Her next door neighbor gets her a chew toy. Someone attempts to rape Jessicka and she kills him. The other girl kills someone else. Cousmate shows up again to rape his sister. Jessicka kills everyone. What the hell did I just watch?

I’m not in the habit of watching movies that showcase so much rape and incest. Sure, I like “Spanking The Monkey” but that was just a damn good movie. This one was not. Strangely, Trent Haaga did write a movie that was both disturbing and amazing dealing with rape called “Dead Girl” but this was a far cry from that. If you’ve ever read any of my reviews you know that I don’t usually just talk negative about a film. There are usually bright spots to be found in anything. Such is the case here as well. Elske McCain was amazing as Jessicka. The other performances were all very good as well. I cannot reccomend this movie, however, unless you just want to see attractive women naked. If that’s all you want then have at it. McCain is a beautiful and talented woman giving a very brave performance in this film.

The movie itself gets only 1 star out of 5. The directing and script left a lot to be desired. The 1 star is for the actors giving this movie their all, attempting to raise this film from exploitative garbage to a watchable b-movie. I wish them all success in the future and hope to see some great stuff from each of them.

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The Gorram Nerd Hour

Ladies and gentlemen,

Brian Smith and I have been picked up by Abnormal Entertainment to do a weekly podcast called The Gorram Nerd Hour. Each week we will be reviewing a B grade genre film from past or present. This weeks episode we reviewed the 80’s classic Night Of The Creeps starring Tom Atkins and Jason Lively. We also talk about movie and television news, comic books and whatever else comes up.

We are very happy to have been included in the Abnormal Entertainment family. They have been putting on The Atomic Fallout Society for some time now with our friends Tony and David Sabal who later added Brian into the mix. Kevin Moyers and Camm Harston have said some very kind things about our first show we did independently and decided to pick us up after that. We are very grateful.

Very soon we are starting production on our short film, Lepus, and we plan to do a show from the wrap party and have some of the cast and crew on. In the meantime Brian and I are compiling a list of B movies to watch and review. So far we know we will be reviewing Jessicka Rabid, They Live, C.H.U.D., and a few others with our own brand of snark and appreciation for the art of making enjoyable bad movies. Those who have followed this blog know I love these types of films and I am so glad we have an outlet to share it with the rest of you.

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