Highlander, What Have You Ever Done For Me?

The Highlander movie and TV franchise has always been a mess. Always. But one thing I’ve noticed as I began re-watching Highlander: The Series on Netflix recently is that even the so called good immortals just tend to amass a small fortune and hide till it is time to take a head.

These people are hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years old. And what do they do with all that time? Fight, hide, sleep with as many people as possible. The don’t spend their time trying to find ways to make the world a better place. Just because they’re immortal and therefore free of disease doesn’t mean that hundreds of years in the field of scientific research wouldn’t come in handy in curing cancer.

Maybe if these immortals weren’t so selfish a cure for polio would have been found sooner and FDR wouldn’t have been in a wheelchair. Maybe these immortals with brains working for so many hundreds of years could help figure out how to stop brain diseases.

In watching the series again I have noticed that the immortals shown on the series are as follows – good guys who hide on holy ground, good guys who try to keep a low profile, morally ambiguous thieves, downright grunting and gravelly voiced bad guy evil, and simpletons. Nowhere in there is an immortal who tries to change the world for the better.

What a waste of life.