The Wachowskis For Justice League? Here’s My Opinion

Larry Lana & Andy Wachowshi made two really great movies as writers and directors. Maybe Cloud Atlas will make three. Bound and The Matrix were great films. There’s no question about that. The next two Matrix films were not great. Some would argue they were not even good, that the movies lost their way and fell apart. Let us not forget that they also made the God awful Speed Racer movie.

When not directing they still write. One thing they wrote was an adaptation of the amazing Alan Moore comic V For Vendetta. The best thing about the comic was that you understood V was a terrorist, someone not to be emulated. You understood him and why he was doing what he did but you didn’t ever make him out to be a hero. I can understand why Alan Moore didn’t want his name attached in any way to the film. They turned V into a hero. They justified his actions and him out to be a man who should be worshiped and admired as opposed to making the audience sympathize with him while at the same time being disgusted by his actions. It was a poor choice and a little lazy if you ask me.

Now the rumor mill is going strong with reports that the Wachowskis are in talks to make Justice League. I personally would rather see Ben Affleck. Unfortunatly, Affleck himself has already said he was never offered the chance nor had he even considered the possibility.

Even after people saw Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions they were still willing to believe the Wachowskis were good filmmakers. And maybe they are. But when they followed up their trilogy with the laughably bad Speed Racer most people wrote them off wondering if the brothers siblings had lost it. With Larry becoming Lana and the piss poor Speed Racer film it almost seems like they had gone off the deep end. I’m trying to reserve judgement until after seeing what Cloud Atlas has to offer. Honestly, I thought the movie looked beautiful but also kinda boring.

As far as Justice League I would rather see just about any other sibling team make the movie – the Hughes brothers would be great. As far as my list of directors I would like to see take on the film I would go with Edgar Wright, George Miller (who was once attached years ago), Ernest Dickerson, Guillermo del Toro or Joe Carnahan. I think any of them would be a better fit. I would still put the Hughes brothers at the top of my list. After seeing Menace II Society, From Hell and The Book Of Eli I would love to see what they could do with a Justice League movie.

That’s my opinion. Take it for it’s worth.


Ben Affleck For Justice League?

I know people have issues with Ben Affleck, myself included. It’s not because he’s a poor actor. I think it primarily has to do with some very poor choices the actor made. As a director he’s been amazing. Both Gone Baby Gone and The Town were expertly directed and Argo looks like a lot of fun. Warner Brothers is looking at him for his skills as a director for Justice League. This is something I would not have thought of myself but I am perfectly fine with the choice should the studio and Affleck strike a deal.

What remains to be seen is whether this movie will get off the ground. At one point both Wolfgang Peterson and Mad Max director George Miller were attached. Miller got as far as beginning the casting process (Armie Hammer as Superman) and doing screen tests before Warner decided to pull the plug.

It still remains to be seen what will happen with Justice League but if they move forward with Affleck I have no problem with that. The only problem I may have is if he chooses to play a Superhero in the film. As a fan of Justice League I can’t see Affleck fitting any role for the founding members. Maybe the Elongated Man but that would even be a stretch (see what I did there?).

What I would not mind seeing is his brother Casey playing someone like The Atom. That could be fun, especially if they used the Identity Crisis storyline for a sequel.

Mad Max: Fury Road Is Actually Happening

I’ve said it before – I don’t like remakes. I’m okay with sequels but when a sequel comes 20 years later and the main character is recast I can’t help but feel a bit of trepidation. Sure, I like Tom Hardy and I can’t wait to see what he does as Bane but I don’t know if I want to see him play Max.

The post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max has always been a cool one. I enjoyed all three movies in the original run of the series. George Miller created a fascinating world for the characters to play in. Since he stopped making these films he’s gone on to do more family friendly cinema like Babe and Happy Feet. I wonder if he’s got what it takes to come back to such a dark and violent film series.

When I think about how a fourth Indiana Jones didn’t work or how other belated sequels just seem to flounder I wonder if it is a good idea at all. I love Ghostbusters but I’m grateful to Bill Murray for constantly saying no. I don’t want another Lethal Weapon or Die Hard for that matter. I just want Hollywood to move on and do something original. As I say this I may change my tune when I see the new Mad Max or Die Hard…but I doubt it.