My Angry Walking Dead Rant!

I have been a longtime fan of The Walking Dead. Robert Kirkman did an amazing job crafting a world for Shane and company to live in. The comic book has been one hell of a ride. The television series, on the other hand, has had its ups and downs. When it first premiered a couple years ago I was more excited than I could even say. Zombies, comic books, Frank Darabont, and wonderful pilot immediately put this at the top of my “must see” list. The first six episode under Darabont’s guidance were amazing. I have watched them numerous times and love them as much as Darabont’s films. Then season two came along. Longer season, Darabont free, and a lot of “Where’s Carl? Oh, he’s been shot? He can heal quickly and run off again. Good…Dammit, where’s Carl?”

The season started good and went downhill after just a few episodes. Sure, they introduced one of my favorite characters when they got to the farm. Herschel was a favorite from the comic books and the series. But that wasn’t enough. There were too few zombies. The show turned into Days Of Our Lives with the occasional zombie thrown in. Hell, at least when Days Of Our Lives went dark and Marlena got possessed we saw the possessed Marlena every episode! The season was boring. Then they did something that really pissed me off.

Before I say what made me so made at the end of season two let me first say this – I have no problem with the changes they’ve made from the comic to the series. I love the characters of Merle and Daryl. I love the CDC episode. I’m fine with that stuff. I think it’s been a great addition to the lore of the show. But when they do things inspired by jaw-dropping moments from the comic and dilute it then I get pissed. The moment I’m talking about is when Shane gets shot. In the comic Carl kills a living, breathing, human Shane. In the show he had to be a zombie first. That almost made me stop watching. 

This season they get to one of the best story arcs of the comic – the story of the Governor and the prison. Before I get into this part I must warn you that I’m getting into spoiler territory here. Please stop reading if you don’t want to know. 

You’ve been warned.



Last chance…



Okay, here we go. In the comic the Governor is keeping his undead daughter locked in his house. He has Roman style Gladiator games happening with zombies to entertain his people. He locks up Michonne and rapes and beats her repeatedly. Rick gets his hand cut off by the Governor. The Governor storms the gates of the prison and Lori and her unborn baby are shot and killed as they flee. This was a big epic game changer for the comic book. 

So far this season on the show (specifically last night’s episode) we had T Dogg, a character not in the comics, die. Carol died. Lori went into labor, had to be cut open to save the baby and then she died! The baby lived. The baby isn’t supposed to live. Everything is happening wrong. It makes me think that the other controversial moments of the comic are gonna get watered down too. 

Don’t take this wrong when I say this but I want these characters to suffer. Glen Mezzarra is taking the work of Robert Kirkman and pissing on it. He started off strong. I thought there was hope for the season but after last night I am at my breaking point again. I will keep watching through the season but I am seriously about to scream at how they are treating the story after last night. I want Frank Darabont back. If I can’t have that then I’ll just switch to his new show L.A. Noir when it premieres.


The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere

It’s no secret I am a huge Frank Darabont fan. I was very upset about him leaving The Walking Dead last year. And season 2 muddled its way through most of the season. There was quite a lot of “Where’s Carl?” going on too. So it was with a bit of trepidation that entered into starting season 3. I can say this – it did not disappoint.

It helps that they followed the comic book storyline enough to get to the prison this season. That was some of the best stuff in the comics. Plus they finally introduced Michonne, the most bad ass of bad ass characters in the comic and probably will he on the show. The premiere was written by current show runner Glen Mezzara and he did a wonderful job making sure the pacing was good and the story moved, unlike last season when the middle part felt like Days Of Our Zombie Lives. Ernest Dickerson did an amazing job directing. And the cast was in top form.

The question remains, though – will the show keep it up or fall flat midway through? Will they be as bold as the comic and kill Lori and her unborn baby at the end of the season? Will Rick lose his hand? Will Michonne be raped by The Governor? It’s a lot to ask of a basic cable show, especially when they did soften the blow of Shane’s death compared to the comic book. I look forward to the rest of the season and I pray that they do it right. I don’t need them to do it exactly like the comic book. I want some surprises, after all. I just don’t want them to screw it up either. The season premiere gave me hope that this show can continue to put out quality episodes, and knowing the Governor storyline is coming fills me with comic book nerd glee.

Where’s Carl?

I need The Walking Dead to get its act together for season 3. My roommate and I were discussing season 2 last night and we were both in agreement. Carl is a horrible kid and the writing of his character was just plain lazy.

In season 2 one little girl for a missing. They’re searching for her high and low. The world has been taken over by zombies. Carl is recovering from a gunshot wound. Why the hell would he go traipsing off into the woods alone, steal a gun and taunt a zombie? And, to top it off, nobody noticed he was gone in the several hours he was missing.

In the immortal words of Whitney Houston children are our future. They are the only thing keeping the human race going in a world filled with undead flesh eaters. You’d think that Carl’s parents would keep a more watchful eye on him. They did in the comic.

It seems to me the writers were trying everything they could to give Carl a story in the course of the season. But there were several episodes where T-Dogg wasn’t around. They could have done the same thing with this stupid kid.

One of the more compelling and shocking moments in the comic was when Carl shot Shane. It happened because Shane was going to kill his dad. Shane wasn’t a zombie. They changed it for the show to soften it a little. All it did was piss off some of the more hardcore fans that were waiting for that moment. It made you like Carl and sympathize with the characters that much more. To make Rick kill Shane and then have him turn seemed like a cop out. First off, if Rick was going to kill Shane he’d have shot him in the head. They may have had their differences but he wouldn’t want to see his former best friend turn. But the writers felt it made it safer for Carl to shoot him then.

With season 3 coming soon I hope they get their act together. They are introducing the Governor and Michonne. If they mess up those stories I predict the show is done for or they’ll fire the show runner they hired to replace the great Frank Darabont and try to fix it before the ratings disappear.

The things that need to happen in season 3 are the Governor cutting off Rick’s hand, Michonne being raped and tortured, and Rick losing his grip on reality and nearly losing everything he cared about. Then Lori needs to die. These were things that happened in the comic and at least a couple of them need to happen on the show to prove it has balls.

Frank Darabont isn’t afraid to go to really dark, messed up places with his characters. Just look at the end of The Mist for proof of that. If he was still running the show I predict that Carl would have shot a living Shane and not a zombie.