The Gorram Nerd Hour Weekly Poll

Recently Brian and I decided that we would leave it up to the listeners of The Gorram Nerd Hour to decide what we review during our “B Movie Review” segment on our show. We have been posting the polls one week before we record on our Facebook page. This week we chose five movies. Each of them bad in their own way. I’m going tom list them off to you with a little blurb about each film. If you would be so inclined please stop by the page and vote. 

1) Nazis At The Center Of The Earth – starring Jake Busey and Dominique Swain. The story is about a group of scientists who go below the surface of the Earth and discover the Nazis are there and still conducting experiments on people. It looks terrible.

2) Troll 2 – starring a bunch of nobody actors who never really worked again. It’s not really even a sequel to Troll. It’s about goblins turning people into plants so they can eat them…or something equally ridiculous. I’ve seen it and I still don’t know.

3) The Stuff – starring Michael Moriarty and Garrett Morris. Directed by Larry Cohen. This movie is like Soylent Green meets The Blob. People are eating this new yogurt type substance called The Stuff. Eventually it begins to control you and then you explode.I have also seen this movie. I grew up watching it a lot. I actually really like it but I know it’s bad.

4) Easter Bunny Kill, Kill! – I don’t know who stars in it. It looks terrible. I only put it on the list because of the title. And since I start shooting our short film Lepus in a few days I figured it would be fitting.

5) The Dentist – Starring Corbin Bernsen. Directed by Brian Yuzna. A dentist goes crazy when he discovers his wife has been sleeping with the pool boy and goes on a killing spree. Again, I’ve seen this one too. It’s wonderfully bad. 


I’m gonna list of a few of the movies that didn’t make the list –

Big Bad Mama, Monkey Shines, Monster Dog, Faust: Love Of The Damned and Children Of The Corn: Genesis.