The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere

It’s no secret I am a huge Frank Darabont fan. I was very upset about him leaving The Walking Dead last year. And season 2 muddled its way through most of the season. There was quite a lot of “Where’s Carl?” going on too. So it was with a bit of trepidation that entered into starting season 3. I can say this – it did not disappoint.

It helps that they followed the comic book storyline enough to get to the prison this season. That was some of the best stuff in the comics. Plus they finally introduced Michonne, the most bad ass of bad ass characters in the comic and probably will he on the show. The premiere was written by current show runner Glen Mezzara and he did a wonderful job making sure the pacing was good and the story moved, unlike last season when the middle part felt like Days Of Our Zombie Lives. Ernest Dickerson did an amazing job directing. And the cast was in top form.

The question remains, though – will the show keep it up or fall flat midway through? Will they be as bold as the comic and kill Lori and her unborn baby at the end of the season? Will Rick lose his hand? Will Michonne be raped by The Governor? It’s a lot to ask of a basic cable show, especially when they did soften the blow of Shane’s death compared to the comic book. I look forward to the rest of the season and I pray that they do it right. I don’t need them to do it exactly like the comic book. I want some surprises, after all. I just don’t want them to screw it up either. The season premiere gave me hope that this show can continue to put out quality episodes, and knowing the Governor storyline is coming fills me with comic book nerd glee.