Robot Vampire Productions LLC was founded by Jacob O’Neal and Brian Smith in 2011. They are partners in writing, directing and producing entertainment. Their first script, Welcome To Deadsville is about what happens to two slackers after the apocalypse takes away their entertainment. With no new pop culture to take up their time they end up growing up and leading a small group of survivors. As they try to let go of the past the past finds them.

Welcome To Deadsville is currently looking for investors willing to help us realize our dreams. But, while waiting, we refuse to put all our eggs in one basket. We are currently working on several other stories – a slasher film, a science fiction comedy set at a Drive-In, a bleak fantasy film, and a road trip comedy. We are also willing to work as script consultants for a small fee, directing and/or producing music videos and short films written by others, and working as screenwriters for hire (as a pair or separately).

During our down time we enjoy arguing about Robot Vampires, eating our own weight in Twinkies, playing “find the pineapple”, and oozing charisma. If you would like to hire either Brian or Jacob you may contact us at robotvampireproductionsllc@gmail.com.


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