Reviews Are Coming In For Lepus

It would seem that even when people don’t like the full movie of Death By VHS (formerly known as Scream Machine) they still like Lepus. Here are some links to the reviews –

Those are few of the ones I found so far. I can’t wait to show it in front of a crowd and see how it plays. We’ll keep you posted.



Red Dawn: The Worthless Remake


Anyone that reads this blog knows I hate remakes. I don’t pretend. But I will give credit where credit is due – True Grit, 3:10 To Yuma, The Thing, Last House On The Left. These all brought something to the table and were worthwhile remakes. When I first heard they were remaking Red Dawn I actually thought it may actually be a good idea. With the state of the world as it is today it seemed like it was a story worth telling again. I was even excited about the fact that they were using the Chinese as the bad guys. It made sense.

That was 2009.

By the time the movie hit theaters some three years later I had lost all hope that the movie could actually be good. Why? Not because it sat on the shelf. No. That’s easily explained due to MGM’s bankruptcy issues. The reason I lost faith was that the studio decided that China was too big a movie market to use them as a villain and potentially lose millions in revenue. So, instead, they changed the villain to North Korea because it’s okay to hate them unless you’re Dennis Rodman. The movie that’s creative decisions are made by following the dollar is not a movie worth seeing.

With all that said I want to tell you that I went into the movie with an open mind. But that didn’t last long. The moment the first car chase happened I was over being nice to the movie. The movie had a promising cast, an interesting director, even some really cool stunt work. But none of that could save the movie from the studio.

You know, I would normally go on and on about how much I hated the movie but just read my Twitter feed for the 23 tweets I sent out while watching it. They’re probably more entertaining than the movie itself.

Sorry for the lazy blogging. The movie just kinda put me in a mood. I need to watch something better to get this bad taste out of my mouth. Where’s my copy of Showgirls?

1 out of 5 stars.

More Podcasting Is More Better

Hello everyone,


Sorry it’s been a few days since I posted anything. It’s been a busy time. I have been working like crazy. As some may or may not know I’m a cab driver and you can hear a story about that on the latest episode of The Gorram Nerd Hour. Besides working I have been trying to find time to sleep. That hasn’t been happening so instead I’m just throwing myself head first into more podcasts. Besides The Gorram Nerd Hour I have been doing a limited series under the Gorram banner called Holodeck Malfunction with my good friend Isaac Hulke. It’s a show about Star Trek if you couldn’t guess that from the title. 

In each episode of Holodeck Malfunction we pick a series or movie and talk about it for an hour, sometimes two topics. It just depends. We have recorded eight episodes so far and just started putting them up. So, you will be able to hear me twice a week on the Gorram page. You can also hear me and some free music on a new show I’ve started with my friend Ryan Ford. It’s called From The Underground and it will focus on indie bands of all genres. You can read more about it by following the hyperlink above. 

Lastly, I want to talk about the Abnormal Entertainment crew as a whole. These folks are awesome. I love each and every one of them…even Taylor Made from Bank On Action. He may not realize it since I do nothing but make fun of him all the time but I do appreciate him. David Hayes, one of the hosts of Cinema Head Cheese has a new book out. Follow the link on the other pages I’ve already hyperlinked and you’ll find it. It’s called American Guiginol. 

Thanks to everyone at Abnormal Entertainment. I’ve had a blast working with you all and can’t wait to see nearly everyone in one place for Phoenix Comicon.

Notes From The Underground – Some Podcast Updates

I’ve been busy lately. Not only am I prepping my next short film that will be shooting next month after a few delays but I’ve also been doing a lot of stuff in the world of podcasts. I recently talked to a co-worker who happens to be a music promoter here in Arizona. I’ve been wanting to do a music podcast for a while now. It’s something that’s been sorely missing from the Abnormal Entertainment lineup. Well, we found a way to do it. Big thanks to Ryan Ford for helping us get it done. 

The first episode was recorded about a week ago and had been turned in to the big guy at Abnormal. We’ll keep you posted for the date it’s released. The other podcast news is that one of the shows I’ve been sitting on for a while is finally going to see the light of day. My fellow nerd Isaac Hulke and I have secretly been recording a limited series of Star Trek podcasts. The first episode is all about Star Trek: The Original Series. That has also been handed in. You may be hearing a lot from me in the coming weeks. 

If you have a band and you want us to showcase your work on From The Underground send me an email and a sample MP3 and we will see what we can do. If you’re local to Arizona we would love to set something up at our studio for a live acoustic set as well.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Review

I’ve been so behind on my movie watching it’s ridiculous. I’ve been systematically trying to work my way through some of the 2012 movies recently to catch up and had a lot of interest in this one. It was written and directed by Stephen Chbotsky based on his novel and stars Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Paul Rudd and Melanie Lynsky. I read the novel a few years ago and thought it was a very sweet and thoughtful coming of age story about a young high school freshman finding his place amongst the outcasts. The movie had the same emotional impact as the book. It was smart, sweet, often funny and well paced. I was a fan of the TV series Jericho and knew Chbotsky was uncover with the series so when I saw the book I was immediately curious. I decided to take a chance and buy it when I read the back cover and saw that it was about a kid who didn’t quite fit in when starting high school in the 90’s. That was something I could relate to. Going through high school in the 90’s was a time when I was the most lost. My parents were divorcing, my oldest sister was an adult and leaving home, we had moved to a new state, and I was just a weird kid. Everything was in flux for me at that time…not to mention my raging hormones. So this book and movie resonate with me for that reason. I’m sure many of you would feel the same way. As a movie this film works for a few reasons. First, the script was solid. Chbotsky did a great job adapting his book to the screen. Second, the performances were amazing. Lerman was someone I had seen in movies before and could take him or leave him. That’s not the case here. He really made this role his own and embodied exactly what I pictured when I read the book. Watson was also incredible. This is the first movie I have seen her in beyond the 8 Harry Potter movies and I really think she will be someone to watch for many years to come. Third, Chbotsky’s direction of the film was not showy by any means. He was not going for gloss. He was going for a slice of reality. The style he chose worked perfectly. He didn’t do the whole hybrid of documentary/cinematic look but just went with a very stripped down style perfect for the story he was telling. I know I haven’t talked much about the story itself. There’s not much to tell. It’s pretty simple. In fact, that is its strength. It isn’t so much about story as it is about characters and heart. This is a must see for anyone who is a fan of truly good high school coming of age films. Chbotsky is someone to watch. 4 1/2 out 5 stars for me on this one. Awesome little movie, strong performances and incredibly genuine.