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Next Up – Terrestrial

Now that Lepus is nearly finished Brian and I have settled on our next project. We want to make our short called Terrestrial.

We wrote it directly after Lepus. I started wondering what Elliot would be like if E.T. never came back to him like he promised. Would the adult Elliot be messed up by this? Our answer was yes. He believes he has an alien living in his closet whom he shares a psychic bond with. This alien is telling him to do bad things. It caused his wife and children to leave and got him laughed out of his Alien Abductees Anonymous group. The alien forces him to take his revenge.

This short film, while still funny, is much darker in tone than the over the top weirdness that was Lepus. Now it is just a matter of putting together a cast and crew for the short. We would like to use some of the people we used in Lepus. I also plan to play a small role this time. Brian, who has apparently been bitten by the acting bug, has asked to play a role again.

When we were casting Lepus we saw some very talented people that we just couldn’t find a good fit for in that short. I would like to bring them in for this one. The script is more dialogue heavy than Lepus was and we need good people for it. I’m hoping we can get this put together by the end of February.

Fingers crossed.


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