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I have been watching this show from the beginning. It has always been uneven but the good outweighed the bad. Then season six came along and we started to see the scale tip the other direction. Sure, it was a better season than it was bad but it was closer to that 50/50 mark than the show had ever hit before. Season 6 also marked the beginning of Sera Gamble’s reign as showrunner on the series. I said once before that I like Gamble as a writer but I think she’s a little shaky on how to properly run a show. 

The tone of season 7 I kind of liken to the third season of 24. Jack was a heroin addict, suffering from withdrawls. Then, only a few hours later, he’s fine and the story was dropped. That’s how Supernatural felt to me in this season. It was uneven, all over the place, and poorly executed. 

Let’s start with Castiel. The idea of him pulling all the souls out of Purgatory and claiming to be the new God was a bad idea. Having him break the wall in Sam’s head, making Sam see visions of Lucifer was a bad idea. Killing Castiel, a fan favorite was a bad idea. Finding out he wasn’t really dead struck me as an afterthought because the fans were pissed. Having him thinking he was a human named Emanuel was a bad idea. Locking in him the mental institution was a bad idea. Sending him to Purgatory with Dean was a bad idea. 

Now let’s talk about Bobby. Bobby Singer, another fan favorite of the series. He’s been the surrogate father of Sam and Dean on the show for many years. They already killed Castiel and now they’ve killed Bobby half way through the season. After his death we discover he ditched his reaper and chose to remain on Earth as a ghost. Toward the end of the season he re-appears to “help” the boys. Eventually he starts to become a vengeful spirit and the boys have to destroy the flask that is keeping him tied to the Earth. All of this was poorly done. 

Before I move on from my disappointment here I want to say that both these deaths and resurrections (for lack of a better term) seemed forced, haphazardly done, and the return of the characters felt like cheats. Joss Whedon used to kill and bring back characters all the time. But it never felt like a cheat. It felt like he was in control of the universes he created on Buffy and Angel. Supernatural seems to be suffering since creator Eric Kripke left the show.

Now on to Sam. He has had his fair share of ups and downs, more downs than ups. He watched his mom die, never got to have a normal life, watched his girlfriend die, got locked in a cage with Michael and Lucifer, lost his soul, became a very dark demon killer with super powers, got manipulated by his time travelling grandfather, nearly went crazy with visions of Lucifer in his head. The list goes on. The thing I don’t like about the Sam story in this season is that the idea that the wall Castiel cracked and made Sam go crazy with haunting visions of Lucifer was on touched on when it was convenient. For a good half of the season it seemed that he was just Sam. Sure, sometimes Dean would ask how he was doing but that’s not good enough. they should have built up the story through the season so that Castiel’s sacrifice would have had a stronger impact. 

And now we get to Dean. His story played out the most subtle and boring. There was the issue of his drinking. There was his obsession with the big bad guy, his anger and inability to let go after Bobby’s death. Overall, his story was the least stupid and most easy to relate to but also the most glossed over and boring story. 

The episodes were all over the place. They tried to get back to stand alone episodes more, which I appreciated, but they felt weak. They tried to introduce new characters, like Garth, and failed miserably. The show just seemed to hit a brick wall with the season. I just hope that with Jeremy Carver taking over as showrunner for season 8 that we see an upswing. I don’t think it’s too late to save the show. But if it has another season like it’s seventh it will be. 


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