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The Little Short Film That Could

When Brian and I first talked about doing Lepus it was out of frustration. We had been trying unsuccessfully to get Welcome To Deadsville going. That’s a feature and would require actual money. After hitting our fair share of brick walls we decided to try and write a few short films.

One night while sitting at the kitchen table we started trying to make each other laugh by throwing out ridiculous ideas. Easter bunny, Jesus, steel dildo, chicken costumes, and the like all came up. The next day I sat down and wrote six pages. After that Brian and I sat and wrote out the remaining pages together. We never revised it. He showed it to a mutual friend who thought it was hilarious. He has cameras and experience and wanted to he involved. We were up and running just like that.

When we wrote Lepus we figured it would be a friends and family kind of production. There were roles for six kids. My sister has five who would fit the bill and they all want to either act, sing or dance so it was perfect. We still needed one more who looked old enough to be in high school but young enough to look like she would be friends with the female lead. My other sister has a daughter who was just a little too young.

For other roles we thought we could cast some other friends but they didn’t have any interest in acting. Suddenly we realized we would have to find the actors elsewhere. Thank God for and finding that site months ago. There was a huge number of local actors on there. I was able to reach out and find quite a few that way.

Here’s the funny thing – a short that we expected to be a small thing has suddenly grown into something much larger. A woman on Facebook who runs a group for casting calls in Arizona found out about us. She posted something on her page. We have potential international DVD distribution for the short. Our Facebook page for Robot Vampire Productions had gone from 6 likes one day to 55 the next. It’s enough to add some stress, for sure. Yes, I have directed things before but they were always backyard productions starring friends when we were kids or things for school, never something like this. The idea of actually having something that went from a goofy idea we expected very few people to see to suddenly having so many potential viewers and a DVD release at Phoenix Comicon has added some pressure to say the least.

I have been spending the day doing some storyboards for the production. All I can do is be as prepared as possible. Last night the reality sunk in a bit for Brian too. Both of us are very excited and a little scared. Let’s hope all goes well.

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4 responses to “The Little Short Film That Could

  1. Good luck, darling. Can’t wait to hear how things go! 🙂

  2. Marie Mercenaire ⋅

    I can not find any of your other films. Do you have a link you can email me or tweet on twitter. Facebook works as well. Trying to watch one of your previous productions.

    Marie Mercenaire

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