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Saturday Night Live Stars And Their Crimes Against Humanity

Sure Eddie Murphy is the easiest person to pick on when it comes to bad movies and being a regular on SNL. Adam Sandler is a pretty easy target too. Then there’s Rob Scneider and Chris Rock. Each of them has made good movies but it seems the bad outweigh the good anymore.

Here’s the thing, most former SNL cast members don’t know when to grow up and change things up. Dan Aykroyd still makes bad movies from time to time, sure, but he also got nominated for an academy award. He has also realized that he can be good in small dramatic roles or comic relief in others like Sneakers. Bill Murray has completely changed his career. Chevy Chase proved he can still be funny on Community. They’ve moved to other types of work. They don’t keep doing the same thing that made them famous over and over again.

Unfortunately it seems change didn’t help Eddie Murphy. He got caught with a tranny hooker and started making family films to atone. Now we get crap like A Thousand Words and he can’t seem to break out of it.

When it comes to the castmates from the 90’s who seemed to make splash on the big screen we have Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Chris Rock, David Spade, and Mike Myers. Spade and Farley were a good double act but alone didn’t amount to much. After Farley’s untimely death Spade made his way to television playing different variations of the same character. Myers made it big with Dana Carvey in Wayne’s World but it wasn’t until Austin Powers that he showed the potential for staying power…only to disappear from the live action world after the horrible Cat In The Hat and The Love Guru. Carvey tried once with Master Of Disguise and the audience never forgave him.

The hardest thing for a comedic actor to do is prove their worth in other fields. Luckily people forget Robert Downey Jr. was once a cast member of SNL. He is one of four people from the show nominated for an Oscar.

There is an old say about how it’s better to burn out than to fade away. Well, thanks to the performance of Jack & Jill, Dickie Roberts, The Love Guru, Meet Dave, and many others we are seeing the fading happen. It’s a shame. These people all have talent and have proven it on more than one occasion. Now if they could just grow up and show it to us.

Give us another 54, Punch Drunk Love, Dreamgirls, or Driving Miss Daisy level performance. Your audience has grown up. So should you.


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2 responses to “Saturday Night Live Stars And Their Crimes Against Humanity

  1. Great post! Excellent observations!

    You overlooked the incredibly terrible career of Mr. Will Ferrell. I wish I could forget him, too.

    • I’m not sure why but your comments have been going into my spam. I just sifted through them all today.

      There were two reasons I left off Will Farrell.

      1) I was focussing more on the cast that came right before him. Otherwise I could have mentioned the Lonely Island guys and Horatio Sanz and the horrible Boat Trip.

      2) The post was already getting long so I decided to end with mid 90’s cast offs.

      You’re right though. When it comes to Will Farrell he has done more harm than good. Sure, I like Stranger Than Fiction and Zoolander but there are far too many I don’t care for. I do have to admit that after watching my sisters take in foster children for years and watching their behavior Step Brothers struck a chord with me.

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