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Drive – Arthouse Flick Or Action Movie?

I have to say I love the movie Drive. Sure, it’s a simple story told a thousand times by as many filmmakers. When it can be done right it is most definitely something special. And this was.

Nicolas Windig Refn somehow managed to craft an arthouse movie from a simple action story. This could easily have turned in to Transporter 4, instead is was a thoughtful character piece about about a man with a certain decency and code put into circumstances that tested everything he believed in.

The character of Driver was played perfectly by Ryan Gosling. The true revelation in the movie, though, was Albert Brooks playing a character we’ve never seen him play before – a cold blooded bad guy. He was amazing. I don’t want to just say good things about those two, though, because the entire cast gave wonderful performances. Ron Perlman (always great), Oscar Isaac (under-appreciated), Carey Mulligan, and Bryan Cranston. Even Christina Hendricks proved she’s not just a pretty face and boobs. If there was an Oscar for best ensemble cast they would have won.

Even though this movie feels like an arthouse film there is the action element to it as well. Some of the car stunts in the movie are breathtaking. Each car scene was done in a different way. One was methodical, one manic, one vengeful, etc…

There is so little said by the driver in the movie through dialogue yet so much in his eyes it really takes you into his world. Without a word you know his thoughts and feelings about everything from his love of Carey Mulligan’s character to his feeling overwhelmed by the situation he’s put in. Ryan Gosling is an amazing talent. He did something similar in Lars And The Real Girl.

If there is anyone out there reading this that has yet to see Drive you owe it to yourself to get on Netflix right now and watch it.

4 1/2 out of 5 stars.


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