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In Rebootquel News – Vacation Has A Lead Actor

For some time there has been rumors that a new vacation movie would happen. For a long time it was going to be a direct sequel following Clark and his family, just like the previous four installments. Then someone decided to go the remake route. When that didn’t stick they though, “Hey, let’s do a story about Rusty and his family.” That one seemed to stick. The writers of Horrible Bosses were hired to write and direct. And now there’s news on the casting front.

Ed Helms is the new Rusty. As the fifth person to play the role he is the only one to be playing the adult version of him, unless you count that weird short film Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo did a couple years ago where rusty was a balding overweight rich guy living in California.

As far as casting goes I am okay with Helms. He can play stressed and angry for laughs very well. I hope they get Chase and D’Angelo back at least for a small part of the film. This would be a good way to bridge the gap between movies and keep the fans happy. I certainly don’t want to start saying, “The new Vacation movie. You think you hate it now but wait till you see it.”


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